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Make It Reign

Life's storms can be relentless, but within them lies the power to discover your true
strength and resilience. Make It Reign: Applying Pressure In The Midst of Life's
Storms is not just a journal; it's your companion on a transformative journey
towards personal growth and empowerment.

make it reign book cover mockup.jpg
make it reign book cover mockup.jpg

Why Read This Book?

In a world filled with challenges, pressures, and unexpected
twists, this guided journal offers a safe haven for reflection and self-discovery. It serves as a well-crafted resource for personal empowerment, a guide to thriving amidst adversity, and a testament to your ability to rise above life's challenges. Inside its pages, you'll find a carefully curated collection of prompts, exercises, and inspirational quotes designed to help you weather any storm that life throws your way. Embrace the power within you and make every day a testament to your strength.


Keta Davis Jones

Keta Davis-Jones is an entrepreneur
and motivational speaker specializing in personal development
and resilience. With a passion for helping individuals discover
their inner strength, she is committed to using her voice and
platform to empower women to conquer life's storms and
emerge stronger than ever. In sharing her personal experiences,
it is her greatest hope that she inspires women to discover
their voice and find a deeper love for self.

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